5 Best Outdoor Activities to enjoy this summer

It’s blazing and blistering summertime! This time of the year would be the best time to spend more quality time outdoors with your family. You can also organize some activities in your backyard. Looking for some activities? Then have a look at the five best outdoor activities for summer given below.

  1. Scavenger hunt 

Have a kid who is adventurous and enthusiastic? Then try challenging your kid with this hunting activity during summer. To play this activity, you have to first set the boundary for the play area. Make a list of things to find and hide them within the play area. Give the hunting list to your kids and ask them to find the things within a particular time. The first one to find everything in time or one to find most is the winner. You can try this activity with elders also.

If you want to make it more interesting, then you can change the hunting as a treasure hunt. Prepare clues for the treasures and hide them. The rules follow the same as a scavenger hunt.

  1. Lawn bowling

You can try bowling even in your backyard. You can either use bowling pins or sand-filled soda bottles. Make sure you choose a perfect ball depending on the heaviness of the bottles. You can use a tennis ball or a beach ball. Set these bottles on your lawn and let your kids and elders knock down the bottles.

  1. Picnic

You can also try hosting a picnic with your family in your backyard. Prepare your picnic foods such as sandwiches, salads, drinks, and desserts. Set a patio table or even a picnic blanket is also good. You can also arrange for a bonfire in your backyard. People around the bonfire can tell stories, sing campfire songs, and make hotdogs, skewers, and marshmallows.

You can also try camping in your backyard or go for a campground. You can spend time gazing at stars, telling stories, and enjoying meals under the stars.

  1. Water balloon dodgeball    

This could be the best activity to play on a scorching day. The rule of the game is so simple. You have to hit your opponents with water balloons making it super fun. The only thing you have to do is to fill your balloons with water. You can also try playing passing the water balloon without popping. The team to throw the water balloon for more time is the winner.

  1. Fishing

One of the best activities to do in summer is fishing. Take the fishing kits and find for the fishing spots around your home. Follow a few tips and guides for fishing in summer to have a good hunt.

Apart from these activities, you can also try other ideas. You can create your swimming pool from the stock tank. If you want to try activities outside your backyard, you can spend a day as a naturalist at the nation’s wildlife refuges. A day in the wild is exceptional as you can come across various species and swim in the pristine water bodies. Take your family to a fair or carnival, game night, or bird watching. Now it’s your turn to choose an activity according to your desire.

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