How to earn money and make living while traveling?

In this 21st century which is called life-like machines, human beings cannot make out time for traveling and exploring new places as they have to work hard for their daily wages.

Can it is possible that by traveling one can earn money?

Here is the list of jobs you can go for earning money while traveling:


as you are enjoying taking the photographs, you can join a community or say a travel agency which makes many groups travel aboard or also nationally.

These agencies many of them provide free food, accommodations as well as payments of the photography. So as per your requirements and your convenience you can join the travel agencies.

Apart you can also join individual groups or family traveling to their holidays, which can sponsor your accommodation, food and all your travel expenses also pay you for photography.


Volunteering requires a lot of devotion, resilience, and a lot of compassion. Make sure, the reason you decide is something you truly have confidence in and that you’re ready to offer whatever is needed to make matters better.

As a volunteer, you cannot expect the five-star treatment while you travel with NGOs or any community which provides traveling. Only you access your free travel and food also a small scan accommodation while you are joined to any community as a volunteer.

Freelance Travel Writing

The companies which require the information and want to publish articles on various places which are unknown for the world, but they are famous for their own culture, these companies hire the writers and send them to these places to gather the experience as well as the information about their culture. They sponsor the travel expense as well as the food and accommodations. So this is a dream job a traveler wants to do in his/her life.

Teach English 

Job chances are all over the world and oftentimes, you don’t need to get certified. You just need to be considered a native speaker. Take a look at, submit a few applications to schools in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, or heaps of different locations and you’re going to be surprised at how many interviews you land.

Tour Escort

 Many international tour operators, notably those as that offer budget tours over the planet earth, hire tour escorts to accompany each category. The cover is on the low side and you usually must sign to get a 1-2 year contract, however, the benefit is that you get to research portions of the world without spending any money in any respect while gaining a few terrific work experiences in the approach.


Even if you have been around a cruise ship before, you probably know very well what’s involved: Sailing the seas at luxury. However, to give working on a cruise ship is an amazing travel job that may, literally, simply take you all around the world! And the best part is that there is such an enormous selection of jobs required up to speed which virtually anybody with a wonderful hospitality attitude and a sense of experience may start looking right into it. If you have got a very special performance skill, such as a musician or dancer, then you always have the option to consider going down this route too. More automatically fascinated and hands-on? Look at maintenance or engineering.e the very best service for their passengers, luxury cruise ships want to crew, and a whole lot of them!


Scuba diving is one of the most amazing things you’ll be able to ever do! By the very first moment we tried it at Honduras we immediately became hooked, and also have made it an objective to attempt to dive as much as you possibly can.

That which we couldn’t believe when we got certified though was the huge number of travelers who have been”living the dream” by working as Divemasters and Instructors in heaven! Getting paid to do the thing you love the most is that a special item, and also there are thousands of people across the world doing exactly that!

In case you love scuba diving, you can work your way throughout the respective certificates to get started becoming a skilled and get paid to dip. A divemaster could be your primary professional degree, and with more experience and time you can become a glamorous teacher.

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