People have indeed been giving more importance to MBBS and BDS if they have to make a career in medical science. But it is essential to understand that there are many other career options too. You should search that which educational streams would work for you. If the answer is just a medical degree as in MBBS and BDS, then you need to brush up with information.

The careers that you can think of:

Just have a look at the options:

  • BAMS
  • BHMS
  • BUMS
  • B.Pharm
  • Environmental science
  • BSC biotech
  • BSC zoology
  • BSC microbiology
  • BSC bio physics
  • BSC physiology
  • BVSC
  • Forensic science

It would be good to try for the other options than just the MBBS degree or BDS degree.

In the above list, the BAMS means the Ayurveda field. You will become an Ayurvedic doctor. In BHMS, you will get a degree in the Homeopathy doctor. In BUMS, you will get the certification of Unani medicine. Thus, there are various options. You can become a pharmacist after doing B.Pharm. Likewise, other options are also quite impressive.

If you get a less score, then why not opt for the BSC course?

Thus, if you wish to get in this medical world, then there are many ways which you can try rather than just sticking to MBBS and BDS. In fact, with a lesser score, it will be tough to get admission in these fields. But getting into the BSC course will be a better choice.

You can talk to the students who have gone through all these. You can also search for the info on the net. The science field is a vast thing and has there will be a lot of streams that you can enter into.

Talking out does help:

If you are in the field of science, then you should start talking to the seniors much in advance. These things will develop a friendly attitude, and hence you will be able to become frank with them. The students who are seniors should be able to guide you well in these regards, and perhaps that will work as the best guidebook.

The field of research is also quite unusual these days:

You will be amazed to know that there’s more relevance for analysis these days in the world. That’s the reason why life is changing, and hence there are so many scientific fields that have emerged. These are quite important, and they will also be lucrative in every way. Becoming a doctor and doing a job is not the only option after MBBS, you can start your business as well to sell medical equipment and your services also.

Understanding a subject on its own will give you a better idea about how you should go about it. If you have an interest in one field, then it can get you a better road for sure. So, be prepared to know what all things are right for you in the educational front.

The field of medicine is right in its way. But there are so many proper fields in the science platform, and thus, you can just analyze which one is best for you.

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