Why do I need a Bluetooth adapter?

When hearing the term Bluetooth adapter, many of you may wonder why you need such a device at all. But this question can be answered quite simply because Bluetooth is now one of the most widespread standards for wireless data transmission.

The technology is also very practical. Nevertheless, most Hifi sound systems, like the Bose sound dock, do not have a Bluetooth module to receive signals. Other devices, such as Samsung TV sets or TV headphones, can also be used much more easily with this technology than with cable.

However, there is a problem with this: Unfortunately, the devices mentioned above do not have them built-in as standard equipment. So if you have a Bose sound dock, for example, you normally cannot use it via Bluetooth. With a Bluetooth adapter, this becomes however fast possible because the small device makes every other technical device a Bluetooth receiver.

Where can I use a Bluetooth adapter?

A Bluetooth adapter can be used in many different ways. Since the device is generally used to equip a device with Bluetooth that normally does not have this function, the application purposes are practically unlimited. Because everything that can be realized via a Bluetooth connection is possible thanks to your Bluetooth adapter.

Nevertheless, we would like to introduce you to some application purposes that make a Bluetooth adapter particularly worthwhile. If you buy a Bluetooth adapter, you might discover further advantages of the adapter! One of the best uses of a Bluetooth Audio Adapter is to stream music via wireless technology.

Good to know:

Although many soundboxes usually come with Bluetooth as standard, this is by far not the case everywhere. So if you have a box without Bluetooth, the adapter can save you! No matter if you have a mobile soundbox or a home sound system, with a Bluetooth adapter you can control any music system with wireless technology.

In this context, the Bluetooth adapters with Aux are very worthwhile, which can be connected directly to an iPod or smartphone. Also as Bluetooth adapters in the car, the devices with Aux are very well applicable, because many car radios have a jack plug, but not a built-in Bluetooth module.

So you can easily establish a connection without cables with a Bluetooth audio adapter and stream music in the car. A special use case is also the use of the PS4 with a Bluetooth adapter. For this, there are special models that solve a common problem of gamers.

With the Playstation only certain headsets can be used. With a Bluetooth adapter, you can simply connect any headset to the adapter and then use it with the Playstation.

Compatibility is a big problem with Bluetooth adapters

If you want to buy a Bluetooth adapter that you want to use on your computer, you may well encounter problems. This is because you need to be very careful about compatibility. With a Bluetooth adapter, you can turn a device without Bluetooth reception into a Bluetooth capable device.

The problems are only relevant for USB Bluetooth adapters that are connected to the computer. Bluetooth audio adapters mit Aux usually works without problems. The compatibility refers thereby to the following three important aspects:

The computer’s operating system

The connection with Bluetooth

The connection via USB

Since most Bluetooth adapters are operated on a Windows computer, most problems occur in this context as well. This is usually due to driver software not being properly installed or the version of the operating system not being compatible with the adapter.

Similarly, although most adapters are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, there are exceptions. In the last aspect, the connection via USB is relevant because some models come with USB 3.0 while others only work with USB 2.0. So you should take a close look at our Bluetooth adapter comparison to avoid choosing the wrong device.

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