The Role of Webinar in the fast-moving world | Best Webinar Software

In Simple terms a webinar is a web-based seminar/Online class, a presentation, lecture, workshop, that is transmitted over the internet, and the key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements like the ability to give receive, and discuss any sort of data and information.

This is quite useful for new product launches or for the students to get connected through the internet. Webinars allow one to chat live with viewers and see exactly which of their customers and prospects attend their live webinar. Not only they can see who attends their webinar, and they can chat directly with them, answer inquiries live, and poll the group for valuable feedback.

Things to consider about the webinar:

Webinar Software

To make use of a webinar either for a product launch or presentation requires several considerations. The first thing which is required is a fast Internet connection. This will ensure that the streaming comes in quite fast. Sufficient Band Width for the internet Website in the neighborhood of Gigabytes.

This is essential when we consider that it is video streaming that will be going on for the entire length of the presentation. To keep track of those that will be a part of the Webinar, it is vital to set up an online registration form because those who register are then given access to connect to the Webinar. One could need a high-quality Camcorder or video camera to record the event and one that can record in High Definition mode.

There are lesser quality ones one could equally use. One would need video software through which the Webinar will be accessed. Most of the Webinars usually utilize YouTube. There are some of the best webinar software available in the market that includes Demio, Zoom, WebinarJam, Livestorm, EasyWebinar, Skype, and many.

Advantages of the webinar:

  • People who travel all over giving the same presentation over and over could use webinars to make that presentation without leaving their office.
  • Software developers or marketers can utilize webinars to show their software and get immediate feedback from their customers.
  • Company trainers could make a webinar presentation to their customers and prospects.
  • Anyone who wants to create a series of webinars can deliver them live, all over the world to their customer base.
  • Companies which sell product or services via online marketing will benefit from utilizing webinars.

Webinar software

Demio is one of the best webinar software that has a great combination of no-download webinars. It delivers high-quality streaming videos. It gives all features including video conferencing features, replays, registration and even landing pages. The additional features include automatic and cloud-based webinar events, chats, and handouts and also email automation and even reminders.


Livestorm is a strong video communication tool and it can be accessed from any device that includes a PC, laptop, and even with Smartphones. Its software works on any kind of browser. It is widely used for making product demos, customer training, and also for other technical sales.  It is also used for making video podcast interviews.

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