Covid-19 is still threatening the world, and many of us are safe in our home. Our daily activities, like exercising and office work, are being carried out from our four walls. So now keeping our houses clean has become a diligent work for us.

We find dust and dirt at every corner of our house, and due to our quarantine period, we don’t prefer to sit in dust or a dirty place. So now, there is a significant requirement for finding solutions over this issue. In this case, mainly two types of solutions can come and help us out:


1) Natural Solutions

2) Chemical Solutions

Natural solutions are less active and time-consuming so the current generation prefers chemical solutions over natural solutions. The type of chemical solutions differs by the purpose for which they are to be used. For example- We cannot use the same chemical solution to clean the floor and to clean the glasses too. Here are the different types of chemical solutions, which will help us clean the dust and the dirt in our houses.

1) Detergents

Detergent is one of the most common chemical solutions used for cleaning in most households. They contain soaps and some organic components which help in cleaning. Detergent powder or liquid can be mixed with water and used as a mighty weapon to remove dust from tiles. The same detergent can be used for washing clothes making it economical. Detergents are used to clean the floors, counters, tables, etc. It not only cleans the dirt but also disinfects and gives off a pleasant smell.

Many detergents came in form of chemical wash. One of the most famous wash solutions is aircon chemical wash. The company is situated in Singapore and if you are a wholesaler then you can buy aircon chemical wash for Singapore consumers at a very reasonable rate.

2) Degreaser

We have stored degreasers in our arsenal to clean the heavy stains in our houses. The degreasers are mainly produced to clean heavy stains of grease, wax or, oil, which the normal detergents couldn’t clean. They lead a significant role in cleaning the kitchen. You need to take prevention while using the degreasers. You shouldn’t mix the Degreaser with any other solution and proper equipment should be worn. The Degreaser should be diluted with cold water instead of hot water.

3) Abrasives

In many instances, a large amount of dust at a particular place is accumulated which makes it difficult for the cleaning agents to clean that dust easily. The abrasives can mostly be used in bathrooms or toilets to clean the hard stains. The abrasives can be used along with brushes to clean instantly and effectively.

4) Acids

Some of the stains in our house get permanent, and the regular cleaning agents don’t actually show any dominance over them, so to clean those stains acids can be used effectively. Acids are periodically used to remove the rigid stains and make the tiles shine.

5) Vinegar

All cleaning agents mentioned above cannot be used for cleaning the glasses or the windows. Vinegar is an important chemical used to clean the glass, window, Television screens, etc. It can be used by dipping a piece of cloth into undiluted Vinegar and then rubbing it hard so that all the dirt and stains vanished. Vinegar can also be used in spray bottles to spray on the screen and clean the dust.

A clean house increases our willingness to work over there, so these were some chemical solutions that help us maintain cleanliness in our home.

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