It’s tough to imagine a birthday without a cake since cakes have become part and parcel of all our celebrations. If you plan to bake a cake with love and care, it can be the best gift for your loved ones. So before beginning the baking, let us look at the top five essential appliances you need to make a birthday cake.

  1. Measuring Spoons and Cups

When you bake a cake, it’s okay to add more love, but make sure that you take the right quantity of wet and dry ingredients. Measuring cups and spoons become essential at this point of view. Wrong measurements may end up spoiling your cake, so make sure you have ½ cup, ¾ cup, 1 cup, and ½, ¼, ¾, and one teaspoon measurement tools with you. If you go wrong with the measurements, you will end up ruining your cake, so stay alert.

  1. Hand Mixer

If you have measured the correct amount of ingredients, let’s move on to mixing the ingredients and bringing it to the perfect consistency for baking. Either a hand mixer or stand mixer will help you in making a smooth homogeneous batter for baking. A blender will also help you to whip the cream for the icing.

  1. Cake Pan

You don’t get a perfect cake without a cake pan. So, make sure you have a cake pan. Try to get rid of the cliché shapes like square and rectangle and go for a heart, flower, shaped molds and give a professional touch to your cake.

  1. An Oven

When it comes to the oven, most people think it’s not affordable to buy one, but in reality, you get to buy an oven at a pocket-friendly price. Each cake recipe asks for different baking temperatures and time, so if you don’t pay attention to this, you may end up with a deflated cake or burned caked. So, if you don’t want your entire hard work end in vain, make sure you have an oven.

  1. Icing Tools: Piping bags, cake turntable, and cake scraper.

Your cake looks the best when you ice it. You should need piping bags, turntable, and scraper for icing.

Piping bags and nozzles: a piping bag is a cone-shaped bag that enables you to decorate your cake by fixing its ends with different shaped nozzles. A butter paper rolled into a cone shape will also do the job of a piping bag.

  • Cake turntable: If you plan to make a layered cake or want a perfect icing experience. Cake turntables will help you with this. They are cake stands which revolve 360 degrees and are made out of food-grade plastic.
  • Cake scraper: Cake scrapers are available in different shapes and sizes; these scrapers help you apply the cream and scrape it smoothly. Cake scrapers give your icing and fondants classy finish and smooth texture.

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If you have the above mentioned essential five appliances, you are all ready to begin your baking process. Now you don’t have to spend a lump sum at the bakers for a birthday cake when you can bake at home all yourself. So, bake with love and make your loved ones happy on their big day. So now it’s baking time!

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