Top 5 WordPress Plugins And Themes based on Experts Opinions

The best WordPress plugin and themes are designed to make it easy for everyone to customize the WordPress admin. The plugin is used to make a new functionality to your WordPress website and the theme will define how it looks best. 

Top WordPress plugin:

  1. Everest forms:

There are plenty of available plugins, but these Everest forms are the most wanted choices in the WordPress system. This comes under much more effective features you have to require on your site. This is a free plugin used for greater functionality to the site.

  1. Gravity Forms:

If you are searching for the best contact form for your WordPress site, then it is ideal to choose gravity forms. This option allows you to build the complex, contact forms, etc. this is a user-friendly plugin you have to choose.

  1. WooCommerce:

This WordPress plugin is currently getting more popularity. Using the premium version of the plugin are gives the added benefits and features to you. This is an advanced option that comes with standard functionality. This helps you to calculate the cost of shipping, taxes, and other offers easily. Even though, this will help you to keep track of your inventory easily.

  1. TypeKit Fonts:

Are you like to make your WordPress site looks greater? Then you need to choose the standard type kit fonts. This gives the high-end quality custom fonts to you. Once you applied the font to your site, then you can be sure your website is standard compliant and fully accessible.

  1. Table press:

These are the best WordPress plugin which is present in huge data in table forms. This helps to create and manage the table on your site easily.

Top WordPress themes:

Before going through the list we would like to make it easy for you. You might be thinking that it’s very costly and full of hustle to buy individual themes and premium plugins but let me tell you Festinger has come up with great service. They built a WordPress Vault where you can purchase all these in one single Package.

  • Divi:

Divi is the most popular WordPress theme available in the market. This choice accompanies an implicit drop and drag developer that you can utilize to make any kind of changes like layout, format, etc. additionally you can get various benefits in this divi. This is having able to custom formats and layouts in the library.

  • Beaver builder:

The beaver builder is one of the best webpage manufacturers for all WordPress. Using this theme you can construct your site which type you need. This gives the chance to use any of the layouts as per your needs. Then you utilize this own content style, colors on your site.

  • Astra:

This is a personalized WordPress theme that makes you construct an effective look at your site. This accompanies a huge range of demos which helps you to introduce the prebuild site easily. Otherwise, this Astra allows you to get the capacity to turn off the webpage title and sidebar. This is an amazing page builder over others.

  • Studio press:

This is the best premium and free WordPress theme on the market. This helps to build the best site with greater layouts and colors. This is the most updated and licenses theme for WordPress.

  • Hestia:

This is also a free versatile theme for business, magazine WordPress. Unlike other themes, this offers a free version. This is works with all major page builders effectively.


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